Every types of the US license plates

There are some points, which are known well to all the drivers. The purposes of license plates using are among them. These small metal or plastic tables are very important, as they contain the information about the owner of any motor vehicle or trailer. They are extremely necessary for the identification.

From time to time and by accident people lose these tables and get a great amount of troubles. As a rule this problem needs immediate decision.

In the situation mentioned above the simplest way will be to register again. But not of us are ready to spend a considerable sum of money.

This web-site can help anyone to find the lost car plates. And those drivers who have found plate can return it to the owner.

Formats of license plates

  • ■■
  • ■■
  • -■■
  • -■■
  • ■■
  • ■■■
  • ■■■
  • ■■■
  • -■■■
  • -■■■
  • ■■■■
  • ■ ■■■
  • ■-■■■
  • ■■■■
  • ■ ■■■■
  • ■-■■■■

Select the first 2 symbols of license plate

JJ* JG* J5* J6* J7* JH* JI* JT* JU* JA* J4* J8* JK* JN* JB* JC* J0* JS* JL* JM* J1* JW* JX* JY* JZ* J2* JP* JQ* JR* J3* JO* J9* JE* JF* JD* JV*
GJ* GG* G5* G6* G7* GH* GI* GT* GU* GA* G4* G8* GK* GN* GB* GC* G0* GS* GL* GM* G1* GW* GX* GY* GZ* G2* GP* GQ* GR* G3* GO* G9* GE* GF* GD* GV*
5J* 5G* 55* 56* 57* 5H* 5I* 5T* 5U* 5A* 54* 58* 5K* 5N* 5B* 5C* 50* 5S* 5L* 5M* 51* 5W* 5X* 5Y* 5Z* 52* 5P* 5Q* 5R* 53* 5O* 59* 5E* 5F* 5D* 5V*
6J* 6G* 65* 66* 67* 6H* 6I* 6T* 6U* 6A* 64* 68* 6K* 6N* 6B* 6C* 60* 6S* 6L* 6M* 61* 6W* 6X* 6Y* 6Z* 62* 6P* 6Q* 6R* 63* 6O* 69* 6E* 6F* 6D* 6V*
7J* 7G* 75* 76* 77* 7H* 7I* 7T* 7U* 7A* 74* 78* 7K* 7N* 7B* 7C* 70* 7S* 7L* 7M* 71* 7W* 7X* 7Y* 7Z* 72* 7P* 7Q* 7R* 73* 7O* 79* 7E* 7F* 7D* 7V*
HJ* HG* H5* H6* H7* HH* HI* HT* HU* HA* H4* H8* HK* HN* HB* HC* H0* HS* HL* HM* H1* HW* HX* HY* HZ* H2* HP* HQ* HR* H3* HO* H9* HE* HF* HD* HV*
IJ* IG* I5* I6* I7* IH* II* IT* IU* IA* I4* I8* IK* IN* IB* IC* I0* IS* IL* IM* I1* IW* IX* IY* IZ* I2* IP* IQ* IR* I3* IO* I9* IE* IF* ID* IV*
TJ* TG* T5* T6* T7* TH* TI* TT* TU* TA* T4* T8* TK* TN* TB* TC* T0* TS* TL* TM* T1* TW* TX* TY* TZ* T2* TP* TQ* TR* T3* TO* T9* TE* TF* TD* TV*
UJ* UG* U5* U6* U7* UH* UI* UT* UU* UA* U4* U8* UK* UN* UB* UC* U0* US* UL* UM* U1* UW* UX* UY* UZ* U2* UP* UQ* UR* U3* UO* U9* UE* UF* UD* UV*
AJ* AG* A5* A6* A7* AH* AI* AT* AU* AA* A4* A8* AK* AN* AB* AC* A0* AS* AL* AM* A1* AW* AX* AY* AZ* A2* AP* AQ* AR* A3* AO* A9* AE* AF* AD* AV*
4J* 4G* 45* 46* 47* 4H* 4I* 4T* 4U* 4A* 44* 48* 4K* 4N* 4B* 4C* 40* 4S* 4L* 4M* 41* 4W* 4X* 4Y* 4Z* 42* 4P* 4Q* 4R* 43* 4O* 49* 4E* 4F* 4D* 4V*
8J* 8G* 85* 86* 87* 8H* 8I* 8T* 8U* 8A* 84* 88* 8K* 8N* 8B* 8C* 80* 8S* 8L* 8M* 81* 8W* 8X* 8Y* 8Z* 82* 8P* 8Q* 8R* 83* 8O* 89* 8E* 8F* 8D* 8V*
KJ* KG* K5* K6* K7* KH* KI* KT* KU* KA* K4* K8* KK* KN* KB* KC* K0* KS* KL* KM* K1* KW* KX* KY* KZ* K2* KP* KQ* KR* K3* KO* K9* KE* KF* KD* KV*
NJ* NG* N5* N6* N7* NH* NI* NT* NU* NA* N4* N8* NK* NN* NB* NC* N0* NS* NL* NM* N1* NW* NX* NY* NZ* N2* NP* NQ* NR* N3* NO* N9* NE* NF* ND* NV*
BJ* BG* B5* B6* B7* BH* BI* BT* BU* BA* B4* B8* BK* BN* BB* BC* B0* BS* BL* BM* B1* BW* BX* BY* BZ* B2* BP* BQ* BR* B3* BO* B9* BE* BF* BD* BV*
CJ* CG* C5* C6* C7* CH* CI* CT* CU* CA* C4* C8* CK* CN* CB* CC* C0* CS* CL* CM* C1* CW* CX* CY* CZ* C2* CP* CQ* CR* C3* CO* C9* CE* CF* CD* CV*
0J* 0G* 05* 06* 07* 0H* 0I* 0T* 0U* 0A* 04* 08* 0K* 0N* 0B* 0C* 00* 0S* 0L* 0M* 01* 0W* 0X* 0Y* 0Z* 02* 0P* 0Q* 0R* 03* 0O* 09* 0E* 0F* 0D* 0V*
SJ* SG* S5* S6* S7* SH* SI* ST* SU* SA* S4* S8* SK* SN* SB* SC* S0* SS* SL* SM* S1* SW* SX* SY* SZ* S2* SP* SQ* SR* S3* SO* S9* SE* SF* SD* SV*
LJ* LG* L5* L6* L7* LH* LI* LT* LU* LA* L4* L8* LK* LN* LB* LC* L0* LS* LL* LM* L1* LW* LX* LY* LZ* L2* LP* LQ* LR* L3* LO* L9* LE* LF* LD* LV*
MJ* MG* M5* M6* M7* MH* MI* MT* MU* MA* M4* M8* MK* MN* MB* MC* M0* MS* ML* MM* M1* MW* MX* MY* MZ* M2* MP* MQ* MR* M3* MO* M9* ME* MF* MD* MV*
1J* 1G* 15* 16* 17* 1H* 1I* 1T* 1U* 1A* 14* 18* 1K* 1N* 1B* 1C* 10* 1S* 1L* 1M* 11* 1W* 1X* 1Y* 1Z* 12* 1P* 1Q* 1R* 13* 1O* 19* 1E* 1F* 1D* 1V*
WJ* WG* W5* W6* W7* WH* WI* WT* WU* WA* W4* W8* WK* WN* WB* WC* W0* WS* WL* WM* W1* WW* WX* WY* WZ* W2* WP* WQ* WR* W3* WO* W9* WE* WF* WD* WV*
XJ* XG* X5* X6* X7* XH* XI* XT* XU* XA* X4* X8* XK* XN* XB* XC* X0* XS* XL* XM* X1* XW* XX* XY* XZ* X2* XP* XQ* XR* X3* XO* X9* XE* XF* XD* XV*
YJ* YG* Y5* Y6* Y7* YH* YI* YT* YU* YA* Y4* Y8* YK* YN* YB* YC* Y0* YS* YL* YM* Y1* YW* YX* YY* YZ* Y2* YP* YQ* YR* Y3* YO* Y9* YE* YF* YD* YV*
ZJ* ZG* Z5* Z6* Z7* ZH* ZI* ZT* ZU* ZA* Z4* Z8* ZK* ZN* ZB* ZC* Z0* ZS* ZL* ZM* Z1* ZW* ZX* ZY* ZZ* Z2* ZP* ZQ* ZR* Z3* ZO* Z9* ZE* ZF* ZD* ZV*
2J* 2G* 25* 26* 27* 2H* 2I* 2T* 2U* 2A* 24* 28* 2K* 2N* 2B* 2C* 20* 2S* 2L* 2M* 21* 2W* 2X* 2Y* 2Z* 22* 2P* 2Q* 2R* 23* 2O* 29* 2E* 2F* 2D* 2V*
PJ* PG* P5* P6* P7* PH* PI* PT* PU* PA* P4* P8* PK* PN* PB* PC* P0* PS* PL* PM* P1* PW* PX* PY* PZ* P2* PP* PQ* PR* P3* PO* P9* PE* PF* PD* PV*
QJ* QG* Q5* Q6* Q7* QH* QI* QT* QU* QA* Q4* Q8* QK* QN* QB* QC* Q0* QS* QL* QM* Q1* QW* QX* QY* QZ* Q2* QP* QQ* QR* Q3* QO* Q9* QE* QF* QD* QV*
RJ* RG* R5* R6* R7* RH* RI* RT* RU* RA* R4* R8* RK* RN* RB* RC* R0* RS* RL* RM* R1* RW* RX* RY* RZ* R2* RP* RQ* RR* R3* RO* R9* RE* RF* RD* RV*
3J* 3G* 35* 36* 37* 3H* 3I* 3T* 3U* 3A* 34* 38* 3K* 3N* 3B* 3C* 30* 3S* 3L* 3M* 31* 3W* 3X* 3Y* 3Z* 32* 3P* 3Q* 3R* 33* 3O* 39* 3E* 3F* 3D* 3V*
OJ* OG* O5* O6* O7* OH* OI* OT* OU* OA* O4* O8* OK* ON* OB* OC* O0* OS* OL* OM* O1* OW* OX* OY* OZ* O2* OP* OQ* OR* O3* OO* O9* OE* OF* OD* OV*
9J* 9G* 95* 96* 97* 9H* 9I* 9T* 9U* 9A* 94* 98* 9K* 9N* 9B* 9C* 90* 9S* 9L* 9M* 91* 9W* 9X* 9Y* 9Z* 92* 9P* 9Q* 9R* 93* 9O* 99* 9E* 9F* 9D* 9V*
EJ* EG* E5* E6* E7* EH* EI* ET* EU* EA* E4* E8* EK* EN* EB* EC* E0* ES* EL* EM* E1* EW* EX* EY* EZ* E2* EP* EQ* ER* E3* EO* E9* EE* EF* ED* EV*
FJ* FG* F5* F6* F7* FH* FI* FT* FU* FA* F4* F8* FK* FN* FB* FC* F0* FS* FL* FM* F1* FW* FX* FY* FZ* F2* FP* FQ* FR* F3* FO* F9* FE* FF* FD* FV*
DJ* DG* D5* D6* D7* DH* DI* DT* DU* DA* D4* D8* DK* DN* DB* DC* D0* DS* DL* DM* D1* DW* DX* DY* DZ* D2* DP* DQ* DR* D3* DO* D9* DE* DF* DD* DV*
VJ* VG* V5* V6* V7* VH* VI* VT* VU* VA* V4* V8* VK* VN* VB* VC* V0* VS* VL* VM* V1* VW* VX* VY* VZ* V2* VP* VQ* VR* V3* VO* V9* VE* VF* VD* VV*

US states that use this formats of car's license plates

  • Wyoming
  • Wisconsin
  • West Virginia
  • Washington
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Utah
  • Texas
  • Tennessee
  • South Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oregon
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • North Dakota
  • North Carolina
  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • New Jersey
  • New Hampshire
  • Nevada
  • Nebraska
  • Montana
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • Minnesota
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Maine
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Kansas
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Idaho
  • Hawaii
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • District of Columbia
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Alabama