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Fortnite is a dizzying action-packed game that conquered millions of players all over the world from the day of its release in 2017. What’s the secret of such popularity? Compared to many other competitors in this genre, Fortnite boasts massive battles, changing the time of a day, and the ability to install multiple traps to get rid of rivals.

There are much more activities in the game that you can’t even imagine if you haven’t tried it before! You can download Fortnite for free and get your unforgettable experience bringing each player the adrenaline rush.

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  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

The game engine of Fortnite has largely determined the success of the game. It is Unreal Engine 4 developed and supported by Epic Games. Thanks to this engine, each player gets freedom inside of the game, and replay value increases significantly.

• Being one of the survivors on the desert island, the player needs to fight for his survival, build defensive fortifications, and get rid of the opponents.

• Along the way, you can gather resources and go around the neighborhood in search of side quests.

• In addition to the primary goal, you can complete small quests, activate additional devices, search for treasures, save survivors, and participate in other small events and mini-games, which are usually denoted on the mini-map with a special icon.

• The construction of the fortress, equipped with traps, provides a certain amount of creativity.

• There’s a fun hooligan mode that gives a player a pleasure of making destructions of all kinds. Then the game becomes a crash-them-all party which is very fun.

• Fortnite is a fierce battle where all the means are useful for survival. Prepare yourself to the action-packed experience you probably have never had.


● Unreal Engine 4

● vivid characters, colorful decorations

● intense gameplay

● free to play

● action-packed game

● PvP mode


● relatively high requirements

● overloaded interface

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