Long-wheelbase S90 Volvo will arrive on the markets of Europe and USA

It is already known that the extended version of the midsize sedan will appear on the Chinese market at the end of this year. The exact timing of the delivery of the car to other markets is not reported.

S90L sedan is the fifth model of the group, manufactured in China. We will remind, in the same factory in Chengdu, where you get the S90, there is a crossover XC60. XC Classic (old XC90) produced in Daqing. Previously, China also produced S80L, which came much more advanced and modern S90.

We also add that the model S90L will be the second to be exported from China, after the S60L. Last sold in the U.S. and different from the usual S60 increased by 8.6 cm space for rear passengers feet.