Leading brands have refused to participate in the Paris motor show

Paris motor show has lost several major automakers who have decided to concentrate their efforts on other, more effective, ways of presentation of new models and technologies.

In particular, among refused to participate in the motor show was the brands such as Ford, Volvo and Rolls-Royce. Often participation in such events costs millions of dollars, and the effect of the presentation may fail to recoup costs. Therefore, companies are increasingly trying to get the attention of customers where they love spending time in social networks, like Instagram and blogs.

The head of the British brand Aston Martin Andy Palmer said that the participation in such events has become a tradition to which brands allocate huge budgets every year. Nevertheless, he is confident that there are cases when the money can be spent on something that would benefit more than the auto show. Note that Aston Martin also was among the "absentees".

Swedish firm Volvo decided to refuse participation in showrooms, redirecting effort and money on more targeted appeal to potential customers.

Ford announced a new strategy to promote its cars in France, which does not provide for participation in local showrooms. This summer, the firm has organized one-off tests for customers with trips around the country.

Major supercar manufacturers can also review its policy in relation to visits to dealers. In particular, Lamborghini already considering taking a more focused way to get the attention of customers.