Car license plates beginning with 55

From time to time and by accident people lose these tables and get a great amount of troubles. As a rule this problem needs immediate decision.

In the situation mentioned above the simplest way will be to register again. But not of us are ready to spend a considerable sum of money.

Are you looking for cheaper and more convenient variant? - We want to propose you something really special. – On our page you will find a list of car license plates, containing seven digits. It starts with 55.

In the case you have found or lost your plate, just register here and create an enquiry. The input data will help you or other drivers to solve this task.

License plates formats

  • 55
  • 5 5
  • 5-5
  • 55-
  • 55
  • 55
  • 5 5
  • 55
  • 5-5
  • 55-
  • 55■■
  • 55 ■■
  • 55-■■
  • 55■■■
  • 55 ■■■
  • 55-■■■

Select the first 4 characters of license plate

55AA* 55AB* 55AC* 55AD* 55AE* 55AF* 55AG* 55AH* 55AI* 55AJ* 55AK* 55AL* 55AM* 55AN* 55AO* 55AP* 55AQ* 55AR* 55AS* 55AT* 55AU* 55AV* 55AW* 55AX* 55AY* 55AZ* 55A0* 55A1* 55A2* 55A3* 55A4* 55A5* 55A6* 55A7* 55A8* 55A9*
55BA* 55BB* 55BC* 55BD* 55BE* 55BF* 55BG* 55BH* 55BI* 55BJ* 55BK* 55BL* 55BM* 55BN* 55BO* 55BP* 55BQ* 55BR* 55BS* 55BT* 55BU* 55BV* 55BW* 55BX* 55BY* 55BZ* 55B0* 55B1* 55B2* 55B3* 55B4* 55B5* 55B6* 55B7* 55B8* 55B9*
55CA* 55CB* 55CC* 55CD* 55CE* 55CF* 55CG* 55CH* 55CI* 55CJ* 55CK* 55CL* 55CM* 55CN* 55CO* 55CP* 55CQ* 55CR* 55CS* 55CT* 55CU* 55CV* 55CW* 55CX* 55CY* 55CZ* 55C0* 55C1* 55C2* 55C3* 55C4* 55C5* 55C6* 55C7* 55C8* 55C9*
55DA* 55DB* 55DC* 55DD* 55DE* 55DF* 55DG* 55DH* 55DI* 55DJ* 55DK* 55DL* 55DM* 55DN* 55DO* 55DP* 55DQ* 55DR* 55DS* 55DT* 55DU* 55DV* 55DW* 55DX* 55DY* 55DZ* 55D0* 55D1* 55D2* 55D3* 55D4* 55D5* 55D6* 55D7* 55D8* 55D9*
55EA* 55EB* 55EC* 55ED* 55EE* 55EF* 55EG* 55EH* 55EI* 55EJ* 55EK* 55EL* 55EM* 55EN* 55EO* 55EP* 55EQ* 55ER* 55ES* 55ET* 55EU* 55EV* 55EW* 55EX* 55EY* 55EZ* 55E0* 55E1* 55E2* 55E3* 55E4* 55E5* 55E6* 55E7* 55E8* 55E9*
55FA* 55FB* 55FC* 55FD* 55FE* 55FF* 55FG* 55FH* 55FI* 55FJ* 55FK* 55FL* 55FM* 55FN* 55FO* 55FP* 55FQ* 55FR* 55FS* 55FT* 55FU* 55FV* 55FW* 55FX* 55FY* 55FZ* 55F0* 55F1* 55F2* 55F3* 55F4* 55F5* 55F6* 55F7* 55F8* 55F9*
55GA* 55GB* 55GC* 55GD* 55GE* 55GF* 55GG* 55GH* 55GI* 55GJ* 55GK* 55GL* 55GM* 55GN* 55GO* 55GP* 55GQ* 55GR* 55GS* 55GT* 55GU* 55GV* 55GW* 55GX* 55GY* 55GZ* 55G0* 55G1* 55G2* 55G3* 55G4* 55G5* 55G6* 55G7* 55G8* 55G9*
55HA* 55HB* 55HC* 55HD* 55HE* 55HF* 55HG* 55HH* 55HI* 55HJ* 55HK* 55HL* 55HM* 55HN* 55HO* 55HP* 55HQ* 55HR* 55HS* 55HT* 55HU* 55HV* 55HW* 55HX* 55HY* 55HZ* 55H0* 55H1* 55H2* 55H3* 55H4* 55H5* 55H6* 55H7* 55H8* 55H9*
55IA* 55IB* 55IC* 55ID* 55IE* 55IF* 55IG* 55IH* 55II* 55IJ* 55IK* 55IL* 55IM* 55IN* 55IO* 55IP* 55IQ* 55IR* 55IS* 55IT* 55IU* 55IV* 55IW* 55IX* 55IY* 55IZ* 55I0* 55I1* 55I2* 55I3* 55I4* 55I5* 55I6* 55I7* 55I8* 55I9*
55JA* 55JB* 55JC* 55JD* 55JE* 55JF* 55JG* 55JH* 55JI* 55JJ* 55JK* 55JL* 55JM* 55JN* 55JO* 55JP* 55JQ* 55JR* 55JS* 55JT* 55JU* 55JV* 55JW* 55JX* 55JY* 55JZ* 55J0* 55J1* 55J2* 55J3* 55J4* 55J5* 55J6* 55J7* 55J8* 55J9*
55KA* 55KB* 55KC* 55KD* 55KE* 55KF* 55KG* 55KH* 55KI* 55KJ* 55KK* 55KL* 55KM* 55KN* 55KO* 55KP* 55KQ* 55KR* 55KS* 55KT* 55KU* 55KV* 55KW* 55KX* 55KY* 55KZ* 55K0* 55K1* 55K2* 55K3* 55K4* 55K5* 55K6* 55K7* 55K8* 55K9*
55LA* 55LB* 55LC* 55LD* 55LE* 55LF* 55LG* 55LH* 55LI* 55LJ* 55LK* 55LL* 55LM* 55LN* 55LO* 55LP* 55LQ* 55LR* 55LS* 55LT* 55LU* 55LV* 55LW* 55LX* 55LY* 55LZ* 55L0* 55L1* 55L2* 55L3* 55L4* 55L5* 55L6* 55L7* 55L8* 55L9*
55MA* 55MB* 55MC* 55MD* 55ME* 55MF* 55MG* 55MH* 55MI* 55MJ* 55MK* 55ML* 55MM* 55MN* 55MO* 55MP* 55MQ* 55MR* 55MS* 55MT* 55MU* 55MV* 55MW* 55MX* 55MY* 55MZ* 55M0* 55M1* 55M2* 55M3* 55M4* 55M5* 55M6* 55M7* 55M8* 55M9*
55NA* 55NB* 55NC* 55ND* 55NE* 55NF* 55NG* 55NH* 55NI* 55NJ* 55NK* 55NL* 55NM* 55NN* 55NO* 55NP* 55NQ* 55NR* 55NS* 55NT* 55NU* 55NV* 55NW* 55NX* 55NY* 55NZ* 55N0* 55N1* 55N2* 55N3* 55N4* 55N5* 55N6* 55N7* 55N8* 55N9*
55OA* 55OB* 55OC* 55OD* 55OE* 55OF* 55OG* 55OH* 55OI* 55OJ* 55OK* 55OL* 55OM* 55ON* 55OO* 55OP* 55OQ* 55OR* 55OS* 55OT* 55OU* 55OV* 55OW* 55OX* 55OY* 55OZ* 55O0* 55O1* 55O2* 55O3* 55O4* 55O5* 55O6* 55O7* 55O8* 55O9*
55PA* 55PB* 55PC* 55PD* 55PE* 55PF* 55PG* 55PH* 55PI* 55PJ* 55PK* 55PL* 55PM* 55PN* 55PO* 55PP* 55PQ* 55PR* 55PS* 55PT* 55PU* 55PV* 55PW* 55PX* 55PY* 55PZ* 55P0* 55P1* 55P2* 55P3* 55P4* 55P5* 55P6* 55P7* 55P8* 55P9*
55QA* 55QB* 55QC* 55QD* 55QE* 55QF* 55QG* 55QH* 55QI* 55QJ* 55QK* 55QL* 55QM* 55QN* 55QO* 55QP* 55QQ* 55QR* 55QS* 55QT* 55QU* 55QV* 55QW* 55QX* 55QY* 55QZ* 55Q0* 55Q1* 55Q2* 55Q3* 55Q4* 55Q5* 55Q6* 55Q7* 55Q8* 55Q9*
55RA* 55RB* 55RC* 55RD* 55RE* 55RF* 55RG* 55RH* 55RI* 55RJ* 55RK* 55RL* 55RM* 55RN* 55RO* 55RP* 55RQ* 55RR* 55RS* 55RT* 55RU* 55RV* 55RW* 55RX* 55RY* 55RZ* 55R0* 55R1* 55R2* 55R3* 55R4* 55R5* 55R6* 55R7* 55R8* 55R9*
55SA* 55SB* 55SC* 55SD* 55SE* 55SF* 55SG* 55SH* 55SI* 55SJ* 55SK* 55SL* 55SM* 55SN* 55SO* 55SP* 55SQ* 55SR* 55SS* 55ST* 55SU* 55SV* 55SW* 55SX* 55SY* 55SZ* 55S0* 55S1* 55S2* 55S3* 55S4* 55S5* 55S6* 55S7* 55S8* 55S9*
55TA* 55TB* 55TC* 55TD* 55TE* 55TF* 55TG* 55TH* 55TI* 55TJ* 55TK* 55TL* 55TM* 55TN* 55TO* 55TP* 55TQ* 55TR* 55TS* 55TT* 55TU* 55TV* 55TW* 55TX* 55TY* 55TZ* 55T0* 55T1* 55T2* 55T3* 55T4* 55T5* 55T6* 55T7* 55T8* 55T9*
55UA* 55UB* 55UC* 55UD* 55UE* 55UF* 55UG* 55UH* 55UI* 55UJ* 55UK* 55UL* 55UM* 55UN* 55UO* 55UP* 55UQ* 55UR* 55US* 55UT* 55UU* 55UV* 55UW* 55UX* 55UY* 55UZ* 55U0* 55U1* 55U2* 55U3* 55U4* 55U5* 55U6* 55U7* 55U8* 55U9*
55VA* 55VB* 55VC* 55VD* 55VE* 55VF* 55VG* 55VH* 55VI* 55VJ* 55VK* 55VL* 55VM* 55VN* 55VO* 55VP* 55VQ* 55VR* 55VS* 55VT* 55VU* 55VV* 55VW* 55VX* 55VY* 55VZ* 55V0* 55V1* 55V2* 55V3* 55V4* 55V5* 55V6* 55V7* 55V8* 55V9*
55WA* 55WB* 55WC* 55WD* 55WE* 55WF* 55WG* 55WH* 55WI* 55WJ* 55WK* 55WL* 55WM* 55WN* 55WO* 55WP* 55WQ* 55WR* 55WS* 55WT* 55WU* 55WV* 55WW* 55WX* 55WY* 55WZ* 55W0* 55W1* 55W2* 55W3* 55W4* 55W5* 55W6* 55W7* 55W8* 55W9*
55XA* 55XB* 55XC* 55XD* 55XE* 55XF* 55XG* 55XH* 55XI* 55XJ* 55XK* 55XL* 55XM* 55XN* 55XO* 55XP* 55XQ* 55XR* 55XS* 55XT* 55XU* 55XV* 55XW* 55XX* 55XY* 55XZ* 55X0* 55X1* 55X2* 55X3* 55X4* 55X5* 55X6* 55X7* 55X8* 55X9*
55YA* 55YB* 55YC* 55YD* 55YE* 55YF* 55YG* 55YH* 55YI* 55YJ* 55YK* 55YL* 55YM* 55YN* 55YO* 55YP* 55YQ* 55YR* 55YS* 55YT* 55YU* 55YV* 55YW* 55YX* 55YY* 55YZ* 55Y0* 55Y1* 55Y2* 55Y3* 55Y4* 55Y5* 55Y6* 55Y7* 55Y8* 55Y9*
55ZA* 55ZB* 55ZC* 55ZD* 55ZE* 55ZF* 55ZG* 55ZH* 55ZI* 55ZJ* 55ZK* 55ZL* 55ZM* 55ZN* 55ZO* 55ZP* 55ZQ* 55ZR* 55ZS* 55ZT* 55ZU* 55ZV* 55ZW* 55ZX* 55ZY* 55ZZ* 55Z0* 55Z1* 55Z2* 55Z3* 55Z4* 55Z5* 55Z6* 55Z7* 55Z8* 55Z9*
550A* 550B* 550C* 550D* 550E* 550F* 550G* 550H* 550I* 550J* 550K* 550L* 550M* 550N* 550O* 550P* 550Q* 550R* 550S* 550T* 550U* 550V* 550W* 550X* 550Y* 550Z* 5500* 5501* 5502* 5503* 5504* 5505* 5506* 5507* 5508* 5509*
551A* 551B* 551C* 551D* 551E* 551F* 551G* 551H* 551I* 551J* 551K* 551L* 551M* 551N* 551O* 551P* 551Q* 551R* 551S* 551T* 551U* 551V* 551W* 551X* 551Y* 551Z* 5510* 5511* 5512* 5513* 5514* 5515* 5516* 5517* 5518* 5519*
552A* 552B* 552C* 552D* 552E* 552F* 552G* 552H* 552I* 552J* 552K* 552L* 552M* 552N* 552O* 552P* 552Q* 552R* 552S* 552T* 552U* 552V* 552W* 552X* 552Y* 552Z* 5520* 5521* 5522* 5523* 5524* 5525* 5526* 5527* 5528* 5529*
553A* 553B* 553C* 553D* 553E* 553F* 553G* 553H* 553I* 553J* 553K* 553L* 553M* 553N* 553O* 553P* 553Q* 553R* 553S* 553T* 553U* 553V* 553W* 553X* 553Y* 553Z* 5530* 5531* 5532* 5533* 5534* 5535* 5536* 5537* 5538* 5539*
554A* 554B* 554C* 554D* 554E* 554F* 554G* 554H* 554I* 554J* 554K* 554L* 554M* 554N* 554O* 554P* 554Q* 554R* 554S* 554T* 554U* 554V* 554W* 554X* 554Y* 554Z* 5540* 5541* 5542* 5543* 5544* 5545* 5546* 5547* 5548* 5549*
555A* 555B* 555C* 555D* 555E* 555F* 555G* 555H* 555I* 555J* 555K* 555L* 555M* 555N* 555O* 555P* 555Q* 555R* 555S* 555T* 555U* 555V* 555W* 555X* 555Y* 555Z* 5550* 5551* 5552* 5553* 5554* 5555* 5556* 5557* 5558* 5559*
556A* 556B* 556C* 556D* 556E* 556F* 556G* 556H* 556I* 556J* 556K* 556L* 556M* 556N* 556O* 556P* 556Q* 556R* 556S* 556T* 556U* 556V* 556W* 556X* 556Y* 556Z* 5560* 5561* 5562* 5563* 5564* 5565* 5566* 5567* 5568* 5569*
557A* 557B* 557C* 557D* 557E* 557F* 557G* 557H* 557I* 557J* 557K* 557L* 557M* 557N* 557O* 557P* 557Q* 557R* 557S* 557T* 557U* 557V* 557W* 557X* 557Y* 557Z* 5570* 5571* 5572* 5573* 5574* 5575* 5576* 5577* 5578* 5579*
558A* 558B* 558C* 558D* 558E* 558F* 558G* 558H* 558I* 558J* 558K* 558L* 558M* 558N* 558O* 558P* 558Q* 558R* 558S* 558T* 558U* 558V* 558W* 558X* 558Y* 558Z* 5580* 5581* 5582* 5583* 5584* 5585* 5586* 5587* 5588* 5589*
559A* 559B* 559C* 559D* 559E* 559F* 559G* 559H* 559I* 559J* 559K* 559L* 559M* 559N* 559O* 559P* 559Q* 559R* 559S* 559T* 559U* 559V* 559W* 559X* 559Y* 559Z* 5590* 5591* 5592* 5593* 5594* 5595* 5596* 5597* 5598* 5599*

All formats of the license plates are used in next US States

  • Wyoming
  • Wisconsin
  • West Virginia
  • Washington
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Utah
  • Texas
  • Tennessee
  • South Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oregon
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • North Dakota
  • North Carolina
  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • New Jersey
  • New Hampshire
  • Nevada
  • Nebraska
  • Montana
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • Minnesota
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Maine
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Kansas
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Idaho
  • Hawaii
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • District of Columbia
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Alabama

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Car plate with number 55 (1966, Ford Mustang) was in Hillsboro Oregon 14/09/2005 at 08:41 am

Car plate with number 55 (2006, Ford E-Series) was in Fort Worth Texas 13/11/2013 at 09:52 pm

Car plate with number 55 (1997, Honda Civic) was in Scottsdale Arizona 13/11/2011 at 07:09 pm

Car plate with number 55 (1948, Citroën 2CV) was in Springfield Illinois 30/09/2013 at 12:09 pm

Car plate with number 55 (1993, Dodge Grand Caravan) was in El Monte California 21/04/2005 at 08:35 am